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eBook design for Iconosquare & HubSpot Collaboration

Our eBook designers can helpincrease your team's abilityto create great content.

So much content to create, so little time. It’s a problem that lots of enterprise-level tech companies face. When your marketing team is focused on internal projects, it’s hard to get enough of their time to meet your lead generation goals and keep the production quality of your eBook design work high.

如果你有一个产品销售周期长,坐isfying your leads’ need for information throughout the buying process is essential. 68% of B2B marketing teams create eBooks for lead generation because they’re a great way to familiarize buyers with the details of a product or prime a lead for purchase. High quality eBook design makes the difference between content that captivates or gets skipped in the feed.

Our team of eBook designers have helped create lead-generating content for some of the best brands in content marketing, so no matter your industry, we have the right talent in place to help you expand your team’s bandwidth and reach your goals. Whether you’ve already developed copy or you’re starting from scratch, we’re here to offer eBook design services that will serve as an effective part of your sales funnel. Check out our eBook design portfolio below to see some of our best work.

Form + Function is an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve designed numerous marketing materials for HubSpot and always do a great job.

They ask all the right questions ahead of time, give me status updates along the way, and are always honest and fair with pricing. All the while, they’re professional and excited about the work they’re doing.

I can’t recommend Form + Function enough!

Bethany C.

Marketing Manager, HubSpot


Great eBook design is underpinned by a solid content creation policy that brings out the best in a piece of eBook content. Our time-tested design process has helped us create awesome lead-generating content in collaboration with some of the best brands in content marketing.


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