We create beautiful and functional B2B websites that get results.

Form and Function is a B2B website design agency that helps the world’s most innovative brands create websites that generate more leads, elevate the customer journey and empower marketing teams to manage and rapidly iterate on their website content.

We create fully-responsive B2B websites with a focus on conversion and great UX.

你的网站不只是你的名片web, it’s is one of the most important lead generation tools in your marketing arsenal. As a website design agency with a specialization in B2B website design, we know that creating a pretty page isn’t enough. We take the time to understand our clients’ business goals in order to produce websites that speak to their customers and move the needle in measurable ways.

We differentiate on design + data.

Behind every web page is a business goal. Form + Function specializes in uniting converision-oriented design and stunning visuals to help our clients bring about excellent results. Before embarking on a project, we collaborate with your team to understand the unique objectives of each page, laying a foundation for SEO, traffic, and lead generation. Simply put, we put in the work to make sure each project we partner on results in an effective web presence, not just a pretty page.

Our B2B websites are designed for all, crafted with accessibility at the forefront.

Every user of your B2B website deserves to find the information they’re looking for, regardless of how they browse. We design each site with important accessibility considerations in mind, selecting properly contrasting colors, creating focusable UI elements and creating page sections that make it easier for users navigating with alternate inputs to move efficiently through your site.

Flexible Engagement Models: On-Demand Expertise to Augment Your Team

With Form + Function, you’re gaining more than a UX design partner; you’re accessing a flexible, tech-experienced team designed to suit your unique requirements. Whether you’re dealing with an influx of projects, speeding up your current ones, or facing unexpected needs, our working models adapt to your situation.

Dedicated:A Seamless Extension of Your Team
Ideal for ongoing requirements, our dedicated service provides on-call access to a committed UX design team.

Flex:Experienced Support for Defined Projects
For occasional or project-based design needs, our flex model offers professional expertise with limited commitment.

Our B2B Website Design Process:

Our UX design process centers on striking the right balance between user needs and business requirements, uniting form and function to drive business results. We create tech-forward experiences that are more than visually captivating—they’re practical, intuitive, and enjoyable. Each project varies and each client’s needs are different, but the following process highlights the breadth of our team’s experience and capabilities.

Strategy + Discovery

The lead generation process of a B2B website is different than B2C. We take the time to conduct in-depth interviews with our clients to reach a shared understanding of how your website will solve business goals. We can also optionally provide support to help you identify high volume keywords and set your site up for organic search success from the outset.

User Research

The most effective designs start with a strong foundational understanding of your users’ needs. Prior to the design phase of your project, we can engage in numerous user research activities including heatmapping, interviews with customers or voice-of-customer aggregators like salespeople, and usability testing.

Brand Audit or Design

Your website is often its most visible touchpoint of your brand identity. If you have a strong existing brand system, we’ll work with your team to ensure our website designs match it. If you don’t, our team stands ready to help engage in brand development or extension work that will set a strong foundation for your website and other collateral going forward.

Design + Prototyping

尽管我们创建一系列的高保真原型rate on the look and feel of a client’s B2B website design quickly. Once you approve designs, we create working prototypes of the site to refine its functions, messaging, and correct gaps in the user experience. We create scalable design systems with each build that clients are able to use to add content to their sites on an ongoing basis.

Development + Deployment

After prototypes are approved, we develop, test and launch your new B2B website using an agile approach. We often take a modular approach to B2B websites, creating self-contained layout elements that your team can easily reuse and redeploy elsewhere on the site to create great content without always relying on design and development resources.

B2B Digital Marketing Support

After launch, we’re available to help you get the most out value out of your investment with ongoing SEO, CRO and design services to bolster your site’s visibility, conversion rates and user experience as new content is added.


The right level of engagement for web design needs of all sizes.


Best for ongoing needs for an outsourced team. Get on-call access to a dedicated web design team when you subscribe to a monthly package customized to your needs.


Best for defined projects or limited engagements. Fill your occasional or project-based design needs with an experienced and professional team.