We create high-converting white paper designs for the technology industry.

Let's scale up your content production together.

Many brands plan to increase the use of white papers in their content strategy, and with good reason. 62% of companies report that white papers are their most effective content medium in terms of reaching their objectives. But with so much content to create and so little time, it’s easy for white paper design to suffer.

At Form + Function, we’ve helped lots of tech companies produce industry-standard white paper designs to scale up their content marketing campaigns. We understand the industry and the importance of creating on-brand digital content. Let our white paper designers supercharge your content creation efforts today.

Photo of Bethany C Marketing Manager at HubSpot
“Form + Function is an absolute pleasure to work with. They ask all the right questions ahead of time, give me status updates along the way, and are always honest and fair with pricing. All the while, they’re professional and excited about the work they’re doing.”
Bethany C
Marketing Manager

Seamless Integration with Your Brand Aesthetic

Every visual touchpoint contributes to your brand’s identity. Our design team meticulously works to ensure that all created materials seamlessly blend with your existing brand aesthetic. If you’re in the process of establishing your brand identity, we stand ready to help with brand development and extension work, creating a visual language that resonates with your audience and sets a strong foundation for all your collateral.

Enhance clarity and engagement with design.

In a world overflowing with content, engaging and meaningful designs can make all the difference. Form + Function understands the power of aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our graphic design team crafts visuals that are not just appealing, but also deeply aligned with your brand and business objectives.

Flexible Engagement Models: On-Demand Expertise to Augment Your Team

With Form + Function, you’re gaining more than a UX design partner; you’re accessing a flexible, tech-experienced team designed to suit your unique requirements. Whether you’re dealing with an influx of projects, speeding up your current ones, or facing unexpected needs, our working models adapt to your situation.

Dedicated:A Seamless Extension of Your Team
Ideal for ongoing requirements, our dedicated service provides on-call access to a committed UX design team.

Flex:Experienced Support for Defined Projects
For occasional or project-based design needs, our flex model offers professional expertise with limited commitment.

Our white paper design process:

我们与一些的白皮书设计师工作the most innovative brands in the technology industry to produce engaging & high-converting creative. Whether you’re looking for help with a one-time project or need a white paper design partner who can become a part of your team, we’re ready to assist with a time-tested project management process.

White Paper Design Audit

We understand the importance of creating content that fits seamlessly with your brand. Before taking on a project, we audit a potential client’s past white paper designs, pour over their branding guidelines and get a feel for their visual style.

Content Planning

We’ll read over your content, provide notes on where design improvements can be made, and start the process of planning out the engaging charts, graphics and pull-quotes that’ll help bring your white paper design to life.

White Paper Design & Iteration

After we thoroughly understand your design vision, we’ll begin the process of making your white paper look great on paper, or pixels for that matter. We’ll share our progress with you as we go and we won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied with the work.


The right level of engagement for graphic design needs of all sizes.


Get on the creative fast-track with a dedicated graphic design team.

The best collaboration comes from designers who know your brand, team and preferences. Gain access to a dedicated team you’ll know by name with Form + Function’s custom design team subscriptions.

Consistent:When you subscribe, you’ll have guaranteed access to a block of design time each month, available on-demand and tailored to your unique needs, delivered by a team you know and trust.

Fast:Add capacity without added headcount. Ensure your creative content is produced quickly and efficiently with an external graphic design resource that’s ready whenever you need it.

Integrated:From Slack to your team’s project management tool, we can work where you work.


Confidently tackle your project-based design needs with a top-notch talent.

Sometimes you need access to some fresh graphic design creativity for a limited period of time. Form + Function’s team is here to help with your occasional project-based needs as availability permits.

Flexible:Whether you’re redesigning your brand or developing collateral for an annual event, we’re here when you need some extra design talent for a short or temporary project.

Customizable:We pull from our across our creative team to staff each project with the best-fit team members so you’ll have access to experienced and well-supported graphic design talent that’s picked specifically for your needs.