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A Sample of a whitepaper design project for a technology company

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Many brands plan to increase the use of white papers in their content strategy, and with good reason. 62% of companies report that white papers are their most effective content medium in terms of reaching their objectives. But with so much content to create and so little time, it’s easy for white paper design to suffer.

At Form + Function, we’ve helped lots of tech companies produce industry-standard white paper designs to scale up their content marketing campaigns. We understand the industry and the importance of creating on-brand digital content. Let our white paper designers supercharge your content creation efforts today.


Our white paper designers have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the technology industry to produce engaging & high-converting creative. Whether you’re looking for help with a one-time project or need a white paper design partner who can become a part of your team, we’re ready to assist with a time-tested project management process.


学习如何创建更好的电子书and whitepaper content at scale.

With so many CMOs across the technology industry planning to increase their investment in content marketing, managers need better ways to scale up their production of eBooks & whitepapers without sacrificing quality. This guide includes:

  • Tips on how to structure eBook & whitepaper content for design success
  • Info on engaging trends in whitepaper design
  • Budget benchmarks to help you predict costs

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