The world of yarn has changed greatly in the modern era.  Years ago, your choices were limited to basic wool, acrylic, and possibly cotton.  In today's world, there are so many more choices with a selection of more than 15 different types of fibers that are normally used to make yarn. These fibers fall into two categories, natural and synthetic. Natural fibers are those that are obtained from a plant or an animal. 

The most abundant and commonly used plant fiber is cotton, gathered from the cotton boil or seed pod when it is mature. In fact, cotton is the best-selling fiber in America, outselling all synthetic fibers combined. At Yarns and Arts, in addition to a wide selection of cotton and cotton blends, you can also find bamboo, silk, soy, linen and hemp.

The most common animal-source fiber is wool.  At Yarns and Arts, in addition to basic wool, we offer a variety of pure and yarn blends that include merino, washable wool, alpaca, llama, cashmere, mohair and even mink!

In the past, acrylic and other synthetic fibers had a somewhat deserved bad reputation.  But today's synthetics rival the quality and softness of natural fibers with an unrivaled ease of care and a stunning modern look.  

We work with the most renown yarn manufacturers around the world, in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality yarns with the most affordable prices.  We are constantly receiving new additions to our inventory.  Why not stop by our store today to see our latest finds

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