Thomas Group Printing: Leading the Digital Transformation of A Respected NYC Commercial Printer

We helped Thomas Group Printing successfully transition to digital sales channels, reinvigorating a 100 year old business.

Client Overview:

Thomas Group Printing (TGP)is a revered fourth-generation family-owned commercial printing enterprise. To propel their business into the digital era, they sought Form + Function’s expertise in SEO, website design, and visual/brand design.


  • Lack of online presence: Thomas Group Printing’s strong legacy lacked online representation. Prior to engaging Form + Function, Thomas Group had a poorly-optimized single page website and few reviews.
  • Lack of Brand Aesthetic: Thomas Group’s visual aesthetic was nearly a blank slate. Over the years, they’d
  • Traditional, Outbound Sales Process: Reliance on traditional methods like referrals and cold calling had left Thomas Group vulnerable to market fluctuations. Form + Function helped Thomas Group to retool it’s sales process, bringing in a steady stream of new leads and customers through their digital channels.


  • Holistic Marketing Transformation: F+F orchestrated a broad strategy encompassing ecommerce integration, brand aesthetic refinement, SEO, paid search, review automation, email nurturing and content marketing.
  • Content Strategy Evolution: Form + Function helps Thomas Group create content that ranks highly nationally, receiving hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, cementing them as an authority in print design. Thomas Group’s content strategy now includes two main channels, their print education blog, which serves up information content and tutorials designed to help print designers and buyers advance their skills, and the print inspiration blog, a visual showcase of some of the most inspiring and creative work rolling off of Thomas Group’s presses.

“Working with Form + Function has completely transformed our business. Their strategic insights and relentless commitment have revamped our approach, helping us pivot from outdated sales methods to a thriving web presence that pulls in hundreds of customers each month. In the few years we’ve worked with them, we’ve expanded our office space twice, and our online visibility continues to provide a steadily-growing stream of new business. Form + Function is more than a service provider; they’re a transformative partner that understands our legacy and vision.”

Rory Thomas, Owner, Thomas Group Printing

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