Moore & Pascarella: Branding + Web Design for a Multi-Location Family Practice

Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen leads in its local market with a new brand, website and marketing strategy.

Client Overview:

Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen is a renowned dental group in Northern California that delivers full-family dental care, inclusive of pediatric services. Their primary aim was to elevate new patient numbers and achieve pronounced visibility within their local domains. Crucially, they aspired to encapsulate a vibrant, welcoming, and versatile brand that resonates across various age groups.


  • Generic, cookie cutter website:Prior to engaging Form + Function, Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen was stuck with the type of generic and dated website that’s unfortunately all too common in the healthcare space. Furthermore, the website wasn’t mobile optimized, hurting the practice’s ability to connect with consumers searching from their mobile devices.
  • Dated brand aesthetic:Coupled with an antiquated logo, Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen’s brand aesthetic was failing to convey the premium nature of its services or large investments in technologies and equipment that enhance the patient experience.
  • Suboptimal search visibility:The practice’s web presence wasn’t well-maintained or optimized, hindering its ability to attract new patients.


  • Brand and Visual Design Refresh:Form + Function rejuvenated Moore & Pascarella’s brand. This involved selecting a vibrant new color scheme, custom fonts, and designing a contemporary logo that radiates the desired brand ethos.
  • Website Redesign:This fresh identity was integrated within a custom-designed website, cognizant of healthcare website best practices. Each service and location is now spotlighted through a dedicated page, ensuring compatibility across all digital platforms and screen dimensions.
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy:Form + Function deployed its comprehensive healthcare marketing methodology to develop an effective digital marketing strategy for Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen. With an effective blend of SEO and paid search strategies, we bolstered Moore & Pascarella’s local search presence and amplified their new patient influx.


  • Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen ranks #1:With our strategic interventions, Moore & Pascarella has carved a dominant presence in its local search arena. Now prominently featured when potential patients initiate dentist-related queries or hunt for specific services, the practice stands out.
  • 600 + Positive Reviews:The power of community endorsement has been harnessed effectively, with the practice accumulating hundreds of positive testimonials across diverse channels. This ensures that prospective patients receive a holistic, positive narrative about Moore & Pascarella when they’re on the hunt for a dependable dental provider.
  • Strong new patient numbers:Thanks to a strong digital marketing presence, Moore, Pascarella & Heinzen has kept its schedule full even while adding a new doctor and expanding its office. It receives a steady stream of 80-100 new patient inquiries every month, primarily originating from its website and online properties.

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